Spread betting has become big a thing in the sports betting world, and there are many bookmakers and betting websites that specifically target these type of punters.

The Difference

Spread betting is different to the standard spread bets that are carried out so frequently in the US. This is considered a regular or normal spread bet with a handicap +/-.

One of the main differential aspects between regular and spread betting is the punter’s capacity to take risks. If you are spread betting, as opposed to making a regular bet, you will have to take far more risk and far more odds than a regular punter against the same bookmaker.

Predicting the Outcome

Regular betting means that you will either win or lose the bet, but in the case of spread betting, you will be rewarded or punished for the accuracy with which you predicted the outcome. The sum of all the possible outcomes is called a spread. In spread betting, there is no set amount that you will win or lose, but instead, your winnings or losses will depend on the accuracy of your predictions regarding the outcomes, and the amount of your stake.

If you are a casual punter who is in the game for fun, spread betting is not for you. It is for far more serious punters who are in it for life. It is very risky, and best left alone if you don’t understand what’s happening in the game.

The amount of money you can win can be huge, but your losses can be equally great. This is the type of betting that can either make you or break you. Obviously, punters like to take odds and thus, spread betting is now gaining a lot of momentum.

Another reason why spread betting is so popular, is because capital gain tax is not applied to these bets when they are placed on stock markets or indexes.